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Communications 130 intro video!



I'm a student at BYU-Idaho with a love for new adventures and spontaneous hiking trips. I sing during the day, and dance all through the night. The idea of getting out into the 'real world' and showing the world what I am capable excites me! Despite my short comings I try my best at everything I do and strive to make my weaknesses strengths. PR affects everyone, even if they do not realize it. I hope to be a positive representative of what it can really do.

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  1. I have read a few of the things that you have wrote and I now am questioning if my marriage is already in danger after only being MARRIED a little over a year.

    1. He texts everyone else more than he texts me. Usually the only reason I even get a text from him is because I sent him something.

    2. I feel that no matter what I do or say it will only end up being an argument.

    3. We don’t make love as often as we used to. After we decided to try to have a baby together the amount of love making decreased a lot.

    4. I feel that I am just in the way anymore when it comes to being at home.

    I have 4 kids that are all minors. He has 2 grown kids with kids of their own but we currently are taking care of his daughters 2 youngest while his ex-wife has her oldest since she does not currently want to reside in our home anymore and doesn’t really have a place to stay with her boyfriend. I will not allow him to love in our house that we Rent.

    I don’t feel that he really lives me now for some reason. I wish I knew exactly why he didn’t have the same feelings for me anymore. It feels like he has to force himself to want to be with me.


  2. Tana, I just read the 8 Compliments that really hurt your husband. Well written piece, but after being a husband for 35 years, little of what I read is accurate (unless it is written tongue-in-cheek.) See, real men don’t think like that. That’s how women think. ANY compliment we get from our wives we take as a really good thing. But men are not easily offended like this. I realize you’re probably writing the article to women as a way to help them be better wives, but most of the things that the article says that men hate, we actually like. Typically the criticism of a wife is not near so subtle. They tend to say what they mean.


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